About The Art Tent

Art is needed to Humanize us

Without out art made by us for our own actions our message can be misconstrued. Our messaging humanizes us and reduces the chances of others wrongfully describing our efforts. 

Community Art Tent Purpose

This tent will be used to create banners, wind socks, and to print on fabric and paper to inform our actions that support our social justice and environmental protection efforts. 


The first use of the Art Tent will be to set  up at the Turtle Island Camp in White Earth MN to help protect our water from the new Line 3 pipeline. Not only will I provide the Tent and supplies needed but I will train our Water protectors to create art.  I also will use my experience from Standing Rock and my training with Green Peace to teach our Water Protectors about strategic messaging in the art to gain support from others.  


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Art Tent Fundraiser


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Donate as much or as little as you want. 

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Art Tent Fundraiser

The most important parft of this art tent is the water filtration system. Only water based paints will be used and water will be recycled in the system filtered below 1 micron.