Ledger Craft

Ledger Craft

Ledger Craft is a hybrid of Ledger Art and Minecraft  wrapped in to a performance. 

May 17th-20th invite to participate

Off The Leash Theater "Right Here Showcase" is the next performance May 16th-20th


Minneapolis Institute of Art

The first performance was at the MIA In November of 2017. This es very much an experimental performance to utilize folks that would normally be in the audience to be in the performance. 

All are welcome but its free for Native folks

If you are Native American and want to participate in these performances please contact me at wakemup.productions@gmail.com

put in the subject line

"Potential Native Performer"

most of my events are free to participate unless the venue is charging for their efforts but I make sure that its always free for Native folks. 

History FAQs with links

After the buffalo were killed to near extinction Winter Counts  transferred to ledger paper from abandoned forts. Through the years Ledger Art has morphed through many uses. Now that the old ledger paper is gone I am using the screen and social media for my contemporary version of this art form to tell our current stories .