Kill the Idiot Save the Fan

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special thanks to John Gwinn at MIGIZI  for the video

About Us

Smart Wars concept

Racist Mascots are so bad that the Sith and Jedi join forces to deffeat them

Public Performance

We create outfits inspired by Star Wars characters and Pow-Wow regalia. In these outfits we battle racist mascots in a LARP (live action roll play) performance on Indigenous Peoples Day.  

Flipping the script

We work within the grey area of what is culturally appropriate to educate folks about the difference between humor, honor and racism. With these efforts we showcase that we are real people in the 21st century with a relevant message in contemporary art and society. 

Battle with the Black Oil Snake

Northern Spark 2018

At Norther Spark 2018 June 16thwe will battle a Black Oil Snake in front of the US Bank Stadium. Not only will be defeat the tyrants that controll the snake but we will use our Jedi and Sith mind tricks to convince the bank to divest from efforts that pollute our environment.

Northern Spark testimonials


Wakemup Productions

Northern Spark 2018 Opening Performance: Funktavism Smart Wars — Friday only!

9:02 - 9:30pm on Friday, June 15

With Funktavism (fun activism), you are invited to join the Smart Wars alliance to eradicate the Black Snake (oil pipelines) and corporate tyranny.

Volunteers needed

We are always in need of performers and general volunteers. 

If you are interested please use the sections below to contact us

put in the subject line "VOLUNTEER" 

and what event you would like to volunteer for. 

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Volunteers/Performers Needed

Its just me and my Ma answering emails so be patient. I have two jobs that require my keyboard Ninja skills and my Ma still uses one finger to type. Haha, just kidding, she types with both index fingers, its me that only uses one. 

Wakemup Productions